Jonathan Merril, MD

Serial Entrepreneur of Seven Businesses with Successful Public and Private Sales and Mergers

Jonathan Merril, MD

Jonathan Merril, MD, is a serial entrepreneur who has started and managed several companies directed to commercializing ‘cutting-edge’ technology – all of which have resulted in acquisition or merger into public and private entities, thereby providing successful exits for the founders. He is a seasoned inventor of many patents that have been tested in patent infringement actions, resulting in multiple settlements and licenses.

Jon has also helped to create IP value in companies to an extent where the IP value has outperformed all other aspects of each enterprise.  Jon’s focus has been on emerging technologies, and he has repeatedly been successful in identifying opportunities and inventions.  He has deep expertise in medicine, chemistry, biosciences, machine learning, Ai, visualization, and simulation technologies.  Jon’s technical knowledge enables him to accurately predict market needs, and align R&D efforts that lead to product development ensuring corporate sustainability.

With strong market insight and business acumen, Jon has overseen implementation and execution of successful IP driven product pipelines.  Jon’s skill set enables him to identify key technical partners that enable optimization of product development.

Jon earned a B.A. in Chemistry and Biology from Oberlin College in 1984.  Jon then received a medical degree from The George Washington University in 1988, and completed his residency in Internal Medicine at the Washington Hospital Center in 1991.  Jon also conducted fellowship training at Harvard Medical School’s Department of Computer Medicine in 1992.