AiPi Solutions

Innovation Management and Monetization

AiPi’s innovation management services help companies to develop, scale, and monetize intellectual property assets.

Our focus on intellectual property helps AiPi to optimize product development, business development, and fundraising strategies to thereby scale operations and maximize company valuation.

We work with companies at any phase of development, including very early stage, mid-market, and mature multinationals.

How We Work

AiPi first obtains a comprehensive understanding of the company’s technology, commercialized products or services, existing intellectual property, and business plan.

We then identify innovation management services that will provide the highest benefits, and create a detailed plan (Turn-Key Solution) for implementing those services in the form of a Proposal.  Our tailored plans include:

  • Strategic Patent Services
  • IP Litigation Finance
  • Commercialization Support
  • US Market Entry Support
  • Traditional IP Services

After our Proposal is accepted, AiPi implements the Turn-Key Solution using our unique blend of expertise in science, engineering, law, finance, and business.

IP Litigation Finance

AiPi understands that the costs of enforcing patents may be overly burdensome or fiscally difficult for both large and small technology companies, and so our AiPi Litigation Finance unit provides nonrecourse financing for patent infringement litigations in the US and overseas, covering all costs and services related to each financed litigation in return for a share of the settlement or award. 

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Traditional IP Services

AiPi provides customized, high-quality and cost effective traditional intellectual property support services around the globe – these services were previously provided by Piverse, Inc.  Our clients include law firms, IP owners, Fortune 500 companies, universities and research institutes, private equity and venture capital firms, and other organizations. 

Our traditional IP services include the following:

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