IP Strategy

The intellectual property landscape in the US can be very different from the landscape in the country of origin for many technology companies.  In addition, intellectual property is typically enforced more vigorously than in many other countries.  Thus, it is vital for any overseas company planning commercialization efforts in the US to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the IP rights of others and implement a well thought-out IP strategy prior to actual US market entry.  

AiPi’s patent strategies for overseas companies typically begin with generating landscapes that visually show existing patent rights in a technology sector relevant to the client’s R&D operations.  

Defensively, AiPi compares the client’s technology planned for commercialization in the US to the patent rights of other in the context of US centric clearances and freedom to operate determinations, such as to identify infringement concerns.

Offensively, AiPi identifies white spaces in the landscape where no patent rights currently exist.  AiPi ideates with the client to invent within those white spaces to enable strategic patent portfolio creation.  We draft US patent applications directed to those inventions in both a strategic and cost effective manner.  For example, AiPi often includes many separately patentable inventions in a single omnibus disclosure, to maximize the breadth of US protection while delaying government filing fees and other costs.  AiPi’s approach results in much more comprehensive patent protection in the US than the traditional approach – where a patent application is merely directed to single inventive concept, which enables competitors to easily design around.