Who We Are

Our value is entirely made possible by AiPi’s team members.  AiPi LLC is comprised of a group of professionals with diverse backgrounds that allow AiPi to provide a suite of strategic services that is beyond the capabilities of other business consultancies.  For example, we employ professionals having many different scientific and technical backgrounds, and experience in a wide range of industries and skill sets such as finance, business development, operations, communications, software development, fund-raising, etc.

AiPi is thereby able to provide services that are most important to growing business – importantly, services that elude other consultancies. As one example, we often create patent strategies that result in patent portfolios that actually increase company valuation and facilitate business goals.

The traditional technique of obtaining patents tailored solely to a company’s developed technologies merely constitutes a “check the box – cost of doing business,” and will not provide the company with the insights needed to enhance product development efforts and will not prevent competitors from designing around and avoiding such insufficient protections.  Sufficient intellectual property protection and value allowing monetization can only be achieved after gleaning a comprehensive understanding of the patent rights and technologies of competitors and potential partners, and then using that understanding to create and implement an intellectual property strategy and resultant patent portfolio that helps to:

  • fully protect the developed technology
  • raise funds 
  • influence product development strategy
  • achieve revenue,
  • scale revenue,
  • enhance company valuation
  • enable exit for the owners
  • facilitate other business goals.  

Our highly-experienced team is able to provide valuable, effective, and strategic support throughout a company’s growth cycle.