Product Development

AiPi fortifies our clients’ product development strategy and operations – we collaborate to make sure that our clients’ research is protected in order to provide higher institutional value.  AiPi offers a turn-key solution — we take ideas, ideate to provide additional scope and breadth, create strategic patent portfolios based on the ideation, police the portfolios, and ultimately aid in patent enforcement and monetization.

AiPi uses the insights gleaned from our IP strategy efforts to guide or inform product development strategy to create differentiators and ensure that an optimum product is created for commercialization.  Upon creation of the product development strategy, AiPi provides a host of services to turn the proposed product into a commercial reality.

AiPi performs engineering feasibility analyses and generates design specifications for the commercializable embodiment that support development of prototypes.  The generated design engineering specifications thereby lead to the creation of a demonstrable commercial product (prototype) that can be shown to potential customers and partners.  After the prototype is produced, AiPi helps to set-up and initiate manufacturing – we typically help to select a contract manufacturer and lock-in a price and timeline for manufacturing that is defined by numbers of units.