Regulatory Support and Logistics

AiPi understand that often the largest hurdle for overseas companies entering the US market is understanding and addressing a seemingly insurmountable volume of regulatory and logistical hurdles.  AiPi therefore operates to become a single point of contact to effectively and safely enter the US market.

Depending on the industry, the US regulatory system can be imposing and very different from the system of the country of origin for overseas technology companies, who often do not even know the questions to ask when initiating US commercial operations.  AiPi therefore has positioned itself to be the point of contact for addressing US regulatory standards, often operating as a liaison with US law firms.

The logistics for entering the US market can also be daunting for overseas technology companies.  AiPi therefore steps in to handle any such logistical issues, including helping to: form a US entity, open a US bank account, obtain office space in the US, find US employees or contractors, etc.