Fundraising Strategy

AiPi helps to determine fundable and credible milestones that are needed to create opportunities for raising funds for fueling expansion in the US market, such as by creating and developing meaningful and credible US centric intellectual property, product development, and business plans.  Our unique services are incorporated into and inform the overall fundraising and growth strategies. 

Typically, overseas technology companies do not have the monies that are needed for effective US market entry, and struggle with raising the funds necessary.  It is important to provide a credible, realistic plan with a reasonable capitalization table/dilution that can be funded using our strategic advice.  It is also important to build value during this process rather than simply chasing revenue.  AiPi will assist in this process.  The key consideration in the design of this plan is to make use of milestones, and to examine and leverage company assets to enable the necessary capital raise.  

AiPi can make introductions to organizations and individuals who may provide sources of capital for our client companies.  Importantly, the targeted investors will be entities that not only provide funds sufficient for scaling, but will also have the ability to otherwise enhance the business operations in the US, such as by delivering US centric engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, distribution, and business development services.

Concurrently with fundraising, AiPi helps overseas companies optimize their success with enhancements in intellectual property by providing an US centric IP analytic and protection strategy — with best-in-class patent analysis tools, we scan the literature and provide solutions which enables the capability to work with data and determine strategic areas to protect.  AiPi leverages IP knowledge, which is essential to enterprises for freedom to operate analyses, as well as understanding the inventive ‘ecosystem’ of companies for partnership, merger, and potential acquisition.  AiPi provides strategies that will also enable creation of a portfolio of patents that can be used to negotiate with companies that may be operating in similar or related areas in the US.  IP is also important in fund-raising – providing a higher valuation and de-risking an investment by demonstrating knowledge of the field and augmenting the product/service development roadmap.