Jeff Brink

Jeff Brink, Strategic advisor to AiPi, is an entrepreneur and executive known for leadership,strategic thinking, and innovation. Over the last 25 years, he has successfully launched, built, and sold companies in the services and technology sectors in both the U.S. and Europe. Jeff has extensive experience with fundraising, M&A, and helping early-stage companies reach the next level. In addition to his role at AiPi, Jeff serves as Chairman of BIG Language Solutions, advises multiple early- stage companies, and sits on numerous boards.

Joe Mischler

Joe Mischler, Strategic advisor to AiPi, is an executive focused on growth primarily with start-up and PE-backed companies, having returned billions in value to investors. Joe has been involved in the intellectual property space for over 15 years and currently serves on the Patent Pro Bono Advisory Council as Chair of the Fund-Raising Committee, supporting the USPTO’s patent pro bono initiative. Joe has also served as an advisory board member for the university of Maryland’s Smith School of Business and School of Entrepreneurship and as an advisor to other growth-oriented companies.

Krim Natirbov

Krim Natirbov is an international business consultant. He is Managing Director of Natir Associates LLC which advises companies on international business development and strategy. The firm’s clients include start-ups in fintech, cybersecurity, biotech, and logistics.

Krim has lived in five countries from Europe to the Middle East. He is an avid reader of History and received his BA in World History from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Dr. Raminderpal Singh

Dr. Raminderpal Singh is a recognised KOL (key opinion leader) in the techbio industry.  He has over 30 years of global experience – leading and advising teams building computational modeling systems that are both cost-efficient and have significant IP value.  His passion is to help early to mid-stage life sciences companies achieve novel biological breakthroughs through the effective use of computational algorithms.

Raminderpal is currently the CEO and co-Founder of Incubate bio – a techbio providing a service to life sciences companies who are looking to accelerate their research and lower their wet lab costs through in silico modeling. Incubate bio’s technology (ALaSCA) applies causal analysis and machine learning to uncover drivers in biological systems (such as protein networks), using multi-omics and phenotypic (and clinical) data. Raminderpal also advises several early-stage life sciences and healthtech startups.

Raminderpal has extensive experience building businesses in both Europe and the US.  As a business executive at IBM Research in New York, Dr Singh led the go-to-market for IBM Watson Genomics Analytics. He was also Vice President and Head of the Microbiome Division at Eagle Genomics Ltd, in Cambridge.

Raminderpal earned his PhD in semiconductor modeling in 1997.  He has published several papers and two books, and he has twelve issued patents.  In 2003, he was selected by EETimes as one of the top 13 most influential people in the semiconductor industry.

Howard Scott

Howard Scott is a senior business development and strategy specialist with over 35 years of experience in a variety of mature industries.  Howard has vast business operations, P&L, customer service, sales, and marketing experience in various industries including Technology, Food and Beverage, Hospitality, and Sports Management. He demonstrates excellent communication skills, creates positive relations with staff and customers, handles fast-paced operations, and builds strong interpersonal relationships.

Howard earned a B.A. in Communications from Penn State University in 1987.

Jonathan Merril, MD

Jonathan Merril, MD, is a serial entrepreneur who has started and managed several companies directed to commercializing ‘cutting-edge’ technology – all of which have resulted in acquisition or merger into public and private entities, thereby providing successful exits for the founders. He is a seasoned inventor of many patents that have been tested in patent infringement actions, resulting in multiple settlements and licenses.

Jon has also helped to create IP value in companies to an extent where the IP value has outperformed all other aspects of each enterprise.  Jon’s focus has been on emerging technologies, and he has repeatedly been successful in identifying opportunities and inventions.  He has deep expertise in medicine, chemistry, biosciences, machine learning, Ai, visualization, and simulation technologies.  Jon’s technical knowledge enables him to accurately predict market needs, and align R&D efforts that lead to product development ensuring corporate sustainability.

With strong market insight and business acumen, Jon has overseen implementation and execution of successful IP driven product pipelines.  Jon’s skill set enables him to identify key technical partners that enable optimization of product development.

Jon earned a B.A. in Chemistry and Biology from Oberlin College in 1984.  Jon then received a medical degree from The George Washington University in 1988, and completed his residency in Internal Medicine at the Washington Hospital Center in 1991.  Jon also conducted fellowship training at Harvard Medical School’s Department of Computer Medicine in 1992.

Eric Morehouse, JD

Eric Morehouse, JD, is a patent attorney having experience with numerous technologies, including aerospace, image processing, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, computer software, electrical switches and connectors and telecommunications.  He has lectured and supervised training seminars for technology companies and law firms on various aspects of patent practice, including patent specification and claim drafting, examination and post-examination strategies, claim construction, validity and infringement analyses, and patent infringement litigation.

After spending a career in private practice as a patent attorney, Eric now specializes in consulting early, mid-stage, and mature technology companies to enhance their valuations and monetize IP portfolios. Eric is also a founder of PiVerse, Inc., which implements IP support services including searching, IP analytics, valuation support, etc. Eric combines IP strategy and implementation services to generate revenue from IP and enhance corporate valuations.

Eric graduated with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the Virginia Military Institute in 1986, and received his law degree, cum laude, from Widener University School of Law in 1993. He is admitted to practice in Virginia, the District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, and U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, as well as before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and the U.S. Supreme Court.  Eric is also a member of the American Intellectual Property Law Association and the American Bar Association.

Rita Roy, MS, MD

Rita Roy, MS, MD, is a physician and entrepreneur with a proven track record of applying emerging technologies to medical related sectors, including healthcare communication and education. She is a co-founder of Astute Technology, a Reston based firm specializing in e-learning solutions and virtual conference support for medical and healthcare associations and institutions.

During her career at Astute, Rita used her technology expertise to build complex web applications, transform ideas into successful internet-based business models, and advise and develop e-learning web applications using database driven marketing strategies for non-profits, associations, and universities.  Prior to joining Astute Technology, Rita co-founded and served as President of Medical Consumer Media, an internet-based healthcare communications company, from 1995 until its acquisition in 1998.

Rita received her medical degree from The George Washington University Medical Center in 1994, where she also completed residency internship in General Surgery. She received her Masters’ Degree with distinction in Biology in 1990, and dual degrees in Philosophy and Zoology with highest honors in 1988.

Rita has been a member of The American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA), The American Association of Physician Executives (AAPE), and The American Medical Association (AMA). Rita holds an assistant research professorship in biochemistry and molecular biology at The George Washington University Medical Center. Rita ‘s Board service has included The World Congress on Information Technology and The Langley School.  She is currently on the Board of The Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. A two-term President of the Women’s Committee, she serves on the Board of The Washington Ballet.  Rita is also the CEO of The National Spine Health Foundation.

Hon. Tidal (Ty) McCoy

Ty is venture capitalist, former business executive and Presidential Appointee/Senate Confirmed.  He led the US Air Force, as Acting Secretary/UnderSecretary/SrAsstSecy from 81-88, in reestablishing US military/air/space/cyber power during the Cold War, fielding advanced technologies such as Stealth aircraft and reshaping USAF/NATO warfighting doctrine to ensure deterrence through the ability to defeat RedAir and strike deep (AirLand Battle doctrine leader), while also ensuring nuclear deterrence with advanced technology insertion.  In this capacity and in earlier capacity,as Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of Defense (Immediate Office), he reported to 7 SecDefs and three Presidents, on various matters.  He holds many of the highest DOD civilian and military awards (also, combat command and special operations assignments).

After retirement from Federal Service he founded/sold a national bank, discovered/transacted on the sale of Network Solutions for a 1785X return in 5 years, managed the dual use transfer of solid rocket motor technology into the modern auto airbag as Pres Thiokol Technologies to create a revenue stream of several tens of billions of dollars, and advanced other technology companies to strong success.

Ty focuses on understanding threats, needs, problems, and opportunities—or creating them, and then shaping the real question and finding the best solution using capital, talent, partnerships, public relations, congressional support, public acceptance/demand, education, legal/financial/technology knowledge, and strategic planning/teaming.

Raquel Kerber

Raquel Kerber is a Project Manager with +13 years of experience in project management, consulting, and customer experience, focusing on supporting decision-making using data analysis. She led teams of +30 and more than 20 projects for Brazil’s largest telecommunication company, supporting revenue growth by promoting customer success. As a manager, she was in charge of the After-Sales services for the Federal Government account with over 115 clients and $100M per year in revenues.

Raquel has a B.S. Information Systems, a Post-Baccalaureate in Telecommunication Systems and Networking Engineering, received her MBA from George Washington University and Graduate Certificates in Business Analytics and Financial Management.