Hon. Tidal (Ty) McCoy

Ty is venture capitalist, former business executive and Presidential Appointee/Senate Confirmed.  He led the US Air Force, as Acting Secretary/UnderSecretary/SrAsstSecy from 81-88, in reestablishing US military/air/space/cyber power during the Cold War, fielding advanced technologies such as Stealth aircraft and reshaping USAF/NATO warfighting doctrine to ensure deterrence through the ability to defeat RedAir and strike deep (AirLand Battle doctrine leader), while also ensuring nuclear deterrence with advanced technology insertion.  In this capacity and in earlier capacity,as Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of Defense (Immediate Office), he reported to 7 SecDefs and three Presidents, on various matters.  He holds many of the highest DOD civilian and military awards (also, combat command and special operations assignments).

After retirement from Federal Service he founded/sold a national bank, discovered/transacted on the sale of Network Solutions for a 1785X return in 5 years, managed the dual use transfer of solid rocket motor technology into the modern auto airbag as Pres Thiokol Technologies to create a revenue stream of several tens of billions of dollars, and advanced other technology companies to strong success.

Ty focuses on understanding threats, needs, problems, and opportunities—or creating them, and then shaping the real question and finding the best solution using capital, talent, partnerships, public relations, congressional support, public acceptance/demand, education, legal/financial/technology knowledge, and strategic planning/teaming.

Raquel Kerber

Raquel Kerber is a Project Manager with +13 years of experience in project management, consulting, and customer experience, focusing on supporting decision-making using data analysis. She led teams of +30 and more than 20 projects for Brazil’s largest telecommunication company, supporting revenue growth by promoting customer success. As a manager, she was in charge of the After-Sales services for the Federal Government account with over 115 clients and $100M per year in revenues.

Raquel has a B.S. Information Systems, a Post-Baccalaureate in Telecommunication Systems and Networking Engineering, received her MBA from George Washington University and Graduate Certificates in Business Analytics and Financial Management.

K. Mete Ozmen

Mete’s educational background includes an MBA from George Washington University in Washington, DC, with a focus on Business Analytics and Machine Learning. After leaving Unilever in Turkey, Mete pursued his MBA to further develop his skills in the areas of data analytics and machine learning. His education has equipped him with the technical knowledge and expertise needed to apply these cutting-edge technologies to IP strategy for clients with cutting edge technology.

Mete has also worked extensively with companies in various verticals on their IP strategy, ranging from cybersecurity to machine learning to space technologies. He has worked with companies and investment partners in the context of IP portfolio valuation and company valuation, providing valuable insights into the strategic value of their intellectual property.

Mete works closely with clients to inform their R&D efforts and advise on issues related to patent infringement and IP whitespace. His deep understanding of patent law, combined with his technical expertise in areas such as machine learning and digitalization, makes him a valuable asset for companies looking to protect and monetize their intellectual property.

Mathilde Crutchfield, MD

Mathilde is a board-certified anesthesiologist with over ten years of clinical practice experience with extensive knowledge of the complexities of disease, pharmacology, and physiology that characterize today’s complex medical world. As the “internist” of the operating room, she is a physician leader providing care in rapidly changing clinical situations. Her special interest in patient safety has led her to seek opportunities to be involved outside the operating room in pre-admission testing clinics, simulation training, and quality assurance committees throughout her career.

Recently, she has been on the front line alongside fellow team members, managing the high volume of critically ill patients during the COVID pandemic. The novel disease challenged her to take on new roles and responsibilities in the ICU, triaging patients with limited resources and managing ventilators in unconventional ways. Through this extraordinary challenge, she demonstrated her resiliency and adaptability in dynamic and evolving environments. She regularly consults on patient-centered care in a broad and global manner in various fields of industry.

Mathilde graduated with a B.A. in French Studies from the University of Virginia in 1995, and received her medical degree from the University of Virginia School of Medicine in 1999. She then completed her residency in anesthesiology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School. In 2015, she completed an innovative retraining fellowship at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Mathilde is a diplomate of the American Board of Anesthesiology and a member of the New York and New Jersey State Societies of Anesthesiologists.

Janice M. Soreth, MD

At the FDA, Janice was responsible for leading and managing the clinical & scientific affairs and policy of the Office of Special Medical Programs, within the Office of the Commissioner, with oversight of cross-cutting public health programs in the areas of advisory committees and conflicts of interest, combination products and jurisdiction, medical therapies for children, good clinical practice, orphan drug designation, rare pediatric disease designation, and rare disease product development for drugs and devices.  Janice opened the U.S. Food and Drug Administration inaugural post in London as Deputy Director of the Europe Office.  At the European Medicines Agency on Canary Wharf, UK in 2009-2014, Janice managed U.S. FDA bilateral activities for human and veterinary drugs, biologics, and devices.

Janice also directed Agency work culminating in the EU listing the United States as a recognized third country for good manufacturing practice, equivalent to that in the EU, for production of active pharmaceutical ingredients. This listing is a milestone in U.S.-EU cooperation to protect consumers, facilitate future implementation of Mutual Recognition Agreements on scientifically-based standards, target risk-based manufacturing inspections, and restore trust in our collective oversight of the quality of medicines wherever they are made.  Janice also served as the Director of Anti-infectives at the FDA.

Janice is an Internist with a background in the clinical practice of internal medicine that includes service in the U.S. Public Health Service in Micronesia and in the Washington, D.C. suburbs with Kaiser Permanente.  Janice received a B.A. (Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa) from Temple University, and an M.D. degree from the University of Pittsburgh. Janice trained in internal medicine at the George Washington University Hospital and in tropical medicine at the U.S. Naval Medical Research Unit in Panama.  Janice was also a Diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Ken Haase, PhD

Ken provides expertise in ‘ideating’ and expanding the scope of our clients’ IP efforts.  He is an expert in computer software, machine learning, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and computer/electronic hardware.  Ken is an experienced inventor who has been credited with pioneering work at the MIT Media lab.

Ken’s on-going research leverages the increasing value of rich semantic metadata, and he has developed crucial technologies for generating, managing, and applying such metadata for search, routing, and automation.

Ken graduated from MIT with a B.S. as well as a PhD, in Computer Science and Philosophy.

Jessica Eason

Jessica Eason is a Scientific Analyst for AiPi. She has a wide range of expertise in the life sciences. With over 10 years of experience working with both academic and government agencies concerning microbiology, molecular biology, neuroscience, and coastal ecology, Jessica contributes her analytical, technical, and scientific knowledge at AiPi.

Jessica graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Marine Biology from Brown University and a Master’s in Neuroscience from the University of Rhode Island. She has also obtained a Master’s in Molecular, Cellular and Integrative Bioscience from Penn State University, where she was a Sloan Research Scholar.

Elizabeth Holloway

Elizabeth is a technology and industry expert in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.  In life sciences and healthcare, Elizabeth has significant experience in commercial strategy & operations, including market access, opportunity assessments, go-to-market / product launch strategy, customer experience, commercial due diligence, process improvement & digital / innovation strategy.  In the context of a global regulatory intelligence database and regulatory/clinical services portfolio, Elizabeth was responsible for establishment/maintenance of relationships with leaders in Pharma/biotech and clinical sites, identification of emerging clinical/regulatory needs, design of solutions to fulfill customer needs, preparation and delivery of pre-sales and pre-implementation presentations, and post-sales support and training.

In addition to Elizabeth’s significant industry experience, Elizabeth earned a BS degree and an MS degree in biotechnology from The Johns Hopkins University.

Bruce Ellis Fein

Bruce Ellis Fein is artificial intelligence counsel (Legal Director and Co-Founder of Dagger Analytics, Inc.).  Mr. Fein, a lawyer, has pioneered predictive coding technology and techniques in the legal field for over a decade. He helps clients understand the trade-offs between accuracy, cost, and speed through tailored graphical and tabular explanations, while keeping the developed  technology in the vanguard by blending proprietary development with the latest advances from academia. He has created patented document review technology, brought to bear expertise in mass parallelization, and overseen the automated tagging of millions of documents, delivering clients untold savings in review time and expense. He has published, been quoted, and given expert testimony on technology-assisted review.

Mr. Fein was previously a litigation associate at Kellogg Huber Todd Evans Figel and Frederick, as well as at Sullivan and Cromwell, both in Washington, DC. He formerly taught at the University of Chicago Law School and served as a law clerk for Judge Morton I. Greenberg of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. He graduated with honors from the University of Chicago for both law school and college.  Mr. Fein holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army Reserves, and has been decorated with the Bronze Star Medal, Ranger tab, and Combat Action Badge, among others. He holds a TS/SCI security clearance from the U.S. government.

Stoyan Radkov, PhD

After a successful career as a senior scientist at Imperial College London and University College London, researching viral oncology, Stoyan trained as a patent attorney at the top tier IP firm D. Young & Co, before moving in-house to Pfizer, in the UK, and then Novartis and Syngenta, in Switzerland.

Stoyan has a wealth of experience in undertaking patent due diligence projects, FTOs, validity & infringement opinions, IP landscape analyses, patent application drafting and filing, global patent prosecution, life-cycle management and strategic advice.  Stoyan advises companies on the value of their existing IP portfolio and how to maximize its full potential.

One of Stoyan’s particular strengths is his ability to rapidly grasp technically & scientifically demanding concepts. Stoyan is also able to explain complex technical and scientific concepts clearly and succinctly to others – especially to members of the EPO.

 His success at the EPO has been recognized in the Legal 500: “New partner Stoyan Radkov specializes in high-value oppositions and appeals at the EPO, representing clients from the biotech and life sciences industries.”  Stoyan’s education and training include the following:

  • First Class – BSc Honours Degree – Microbiology, University of Reading
  • PhD – Viral Oncology – Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, St Mary’s Hospital, Imperial College London
  • Post-doctoral fellow – Imperial College London
  • Senior CRC funded post-doctoral fellow – University College London
  • Private practice IP attorney – D. Young & Co (UK), UDL (Partner – UK) and HGF (Director, UK and Basel, CH)
  • In-house IP attorney – Pfizer (Sandwich, UK), Novartis (Basel, CH) and Syngenta (Basel, CH)