Eric Siecker

Eric Siecker is a European and UK registered patent attorney (EPA, CPA) having experience in a broad range of technologies with deep expertise in mechanical engineering, especially in the automotive, heavy machinery, agriculture, mining and marine sectors.

Eric has been part of the IP leadership teams in both corporations and law firms enabling him to combine the two different skill sets those different IP environments demand. He is therefore very well positioned to counsel on all type of IP matters to start-ups, SMEs and large corporations alike.

After spending his career in IP for corporations and private practice, Eric now also works with business owners that are looking to grow by assisting them with incubation, financing, increasing sales, attracting investments, penetrating overseas markets (particularly the US)  and general business counselling. Eric also owns a business brokerage in the UK which creates a seamless service for business owners to transition from an accelerated growth journey to an optimized exit.

Eric graduated from Cranfield University with an MSc. in Mechanical Engineering and from Queen Mary, University of London with a MSc. in Intellectual Property Management. In addition to being a qualified Patent Attorney, Eric is further qualified as a UK Trade Mark attorney and is a member of the European Patent Institute, the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys, the Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys and the International Business Brokers Association.

Alison Magnus

Alison Magnus is based in the UK. She has a wide array of knowledge within the healthcare industry, with her speciality being in Health sciences. She has a keen interest in business growth and transfers, which has allowed her to branch out into the brokerage sector.

Alison is currently active in the brokerage field in the UK, working alongside Eric Siecker, helping assist businesses in several ways, whether that be accelerated growth to an optimized exit, or attracting business investments for all sizes and sectors.

Alison holds a degree in Health sciences from the University of Lincoln and has further qualifications in the field of sociology.