Raquel Kerber

Raquel Kerber is a Project Manager with +13 years of experience in project management, consulting, and customer experience, focusing on supporting decision-making using data analysis. She led teams of +30 and more than 20 projects for Brazil’s largest telecommunication company, supporting revenue growth by promoting customer success. As a manager, she was in charge of the After-Sales services for the Federal Government account with over 115 clients and $100M per year in revenues.

Raquel has a B.S. Information Systems, a Post-Baccalaureate in Telecommunication Systems and Networking Engineering, received her MBA from George Washington University and Graduate Certificates in Business Analytics and Financial Management.

K. Mete Ozmen

Mete’s educational background includes an MBA from George Washington University in Washington, DC, with a focus on Business Analytics and Machine Learning. After leaving Unilever in Turkey, Mete pursued his MBA to further develop his skills in the areas of data analytics and machine learning. His education has equipped him with the technical knowledge and expertise needed to apply these cutting-edge technologies to IP strategy for clients with cutting edge technology.

Mete has also worked extensively with companies in various verticals on their IP strategy, ranging from cybersecurity to machine learning to space technologies. He has worked with companies and investment partners in the context of IP portfolio valuation and company valuation, providing valuable insights into the strategic value of their intellectual property.

Mete works closely with clients to inform their R&D efforts and advise on issues related to patent infringement and IP whitespace. His deep understanding of patent law, combined with his technical expertise in areas such as machine learning and digitalization, makes him a valuable asset for companies looking to protect and monetize their intellectual property.